Our Mission

To make conscious living accessible, and effortless for everyone.
Our Story
Inhabit makes everyday planet-friendly action more convenient.
From the beginning we believed that mass confusion from conflicting voices and a sense of ‘eco-righteousness’ distracts people and companies from helping the planet. We are too worried about making mistakes to put our best foot forward.
Inhabit is bringing some positivity to the table. We’re bringing people together and building a community for change. And we want you to be a part of it.
Let’s make a difference, together.
We believe in
We want people to feel energised and positive as a result of being part of Inhabit.
Individual actions are awesome. But we want people to feel part of something bigger with others that share our values.
We want people to find easy ways to engage in more planet-friendly action.
It doesn’t matter what stage you’re on in your conscious living journey.
The people behind Inhabit
We believe everyone has a part to play.
Inhabit was founded by Sam and Cam, two developers who decided to put their tech skills towards making planet-friendly living the norm.
Both with experience in building communities at previous start ups, they hope to achieve the same result and create a community with a strong sense of social purpose.
A growing team with shared values keeps us striving towards our goals.
Sam McKay
Cameron Epstein