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we help you go climate positive with three simple steps


From the very moment you sign up to inhabit, you are automatically subscribed to our Gold Standard carbon offsetting tool.

Gold Standard is a series of certified offset projects vetted by the UN and WWF, and 80% of your membership fee goes towards funding them. Each month you will receive an update with the amount of CO2 you've offset, and a writeup on the project you have funded (which can vary from wind farms in India, to hydro-electricity plants in Bolivia).

What this means is that you're making a notable impact - immediately. We're working towards being net-zero, and living a climate+ lifestyle. So can you.


Offsetting our carbon footprint in the present is crucial. But when it comes to sustainable living, planning for the future is just as important. That's why the second aspect of our service centers around emissions reduction.

We want you to enjoy reducing your emissions. That's why we're investing the remaining 20% of your membership fee in demystifying green living.

It's time to think big, and so we're bringing a mass of juicy benefits to the table. Exciting content, meal plans, t-shirts, eco-friendly events - the lot. And it's all exclusive to our members. That's right: You gotta be green to get your hands on this sh


Finally, as our growing community increases in size and our inhabit-ants are showered in eco- friendly gifts (i.e great value deals and exclusive offers), we're uncovering a simple, leafy pathway for sustainable businesses to reach you.

This means that we're able to support businesses who work with a focus on the environment. And that's super important.

At the moment, businesses continue to act against our planet's wellbeing because - put simply - it's more cost effective. If we can make it profitable to be green, companies will follow

Environmentally conscious people need to think like ants. Alone we're not so impactful. But together we can move mountains (or molehills). When you join inhabit, you're taking an active role in provoking change.

Think like an ant. An inhabit-ant.

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